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Sabah Ashiq started Ashiq Studio in 2016. But the story behind her brand began much earlier than that. When she was 8 years old her father showed her the plans to their first house. She remembers being fascinated by the fact that a collections of lines on paper could be translated into a physical space. That’s when her passion for drawing began. Growing up in the heart of Brussels, minutes away from the Grand Place, she would sit and sketch the buildings for hours, hoping to record the beauty she saw around her through drawing.  


Fast forward more than two decades and Sabah has built a successful career as an Architect. She still maintains the same appreciation for the beauty of architecture and through Ashiq studio she looks to bring the beauty she sees in architecture into people’s everyday lives.


Her leather architecture is characterised by minimalist design where curves and straight lines come together seamlessly on imperfect raw leather. The contrast between the precision of the lines and the uneven texture of the leather makes each piece unique.


Each Ashiq Studio leather piece is meticulously hand cut and sewn from Italian vegetable tanned leather. We care about attention to detail and each item is made with the utmost passion and dedication. Local handcraft skills are valued and celebrated.


Sabah develops each individual design herself using traditional handcraft methods in combination with advances in technology such as laser cutting to explore geometrically challenging shapes.

© 2016 Ashiq Studio

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